We’re All Superheros

Kindness is Magic

I have always loved magic tricks. It gives a sense of wonder if there’s something much greater than what meets the eye. It’s intriguing and the outcome is always wildly impressive. But the key word here is “trick”, an illusion, not actually magic at all. Magic is influencing a course of events by using forces to enhance an experience. We all have magical powers: Kindness.



Let’s think of a time when someone showed generosity and consideration to us. It could be something small, for example when someone holds the door open or a friend treating us to lunch. No matter the gesture, it always feels great to have another person consider our well-being. It also sets a fire in our soul after receiving such a gift, wanting to pass along the kindness. Once one person is kind to another, the cycle goes on and on.


The easiest thing in the world is to be nice to someone. There has never been a day when someone says, “I hope nobody is kind to me today”. We have a magical force in our bodies, with the ability to change the course of events for another person in a positive light. I encourage us all to be kind to someone today. See the difference it makes in our lives, then watch it come back like a boomerang. Kindness will be bouncing off of everyone, and those who don’t participate might need a little more love than the average joe. Who knows the last time someone showed them consideration; give them more to turn their day around. It’s the easiest thing we could ever do, and with that everyone can be a superhero with magic powers!

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