Black Lemonade

A Detox Drink For Everyone

Well, folks, summer is right around the corner and let’s face it, we have all been thinking of shedding a few pounds before slipping into our swimsuits. But it would be silly to put in all that work to trim down, and then sip on a cool beverage full of sugar while lounging at the pool. So, I’ve created a lemonade recipe that’s not only delicious and refreshing but a total detox to cleanse our bodies.

First, let’s talk about the ingredients in this lemonade recipe, starting with charcoal. Charcoal is most commonly used to treat drug and poison overdoses, it works as a bind to prevent the drugs from digesting in the body. In smaller doses, it has the same effect, trapping toxins and chemicals in the gut preventing absorption. It’s a great preventive if we eat foods that cause gas and bloating, binding to other unwanted substances in the gut. With that being said, use caution while ingesting charcoal if medication is taken, as it will play an absorption role. When I take charcoal, I wait two hours before and after eating/drinking anything else with the exception of lemon and water. Not that it’s going to harm us, but the nutrients in a green smoothie or healthy snack we eat is going to go to the charcoal, not our bodies.

Now that we know how to safely use charcoal, the next ingredient is lemon juice. Lemon contains potassium and calcium, and by adding a tiny pinch of salt, it acts as an electrolyte replenishment. This is will help our bodies stay energized while the charcoal works through our system (2-4 hours).

Now let’s give it a try!

2 lemons
500mg activated charcoal
1/4 tsp sweet leaf stevia
dash of sea salt
4 cups water

Juice the lemons into a large glass. Break open the charcoal capsules (I used two 250mg capsules), into the glass with the lemon juice. Measure 1/4 tsp of stevia (or more if a sweeter taste is desired) and sprinkle sea salt. Add 4 cups of water and stir well. Enjoy!

** Up to 1000 mg of charcoal is okay to use if a stronger dose is desired.

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