Gender Equality

Let’s Hear It For the Guys!

I want to take a moment to give a high-five to the male species.

Don’t get me wrong; I am forever thankful for women’s rights and am fortunate to live in this era with the equality movements. Life is and always has been in men’s favor. However, I would like to take this time anyways to shout out to our guys.

It’s a harsh world we live in, for men and women alike. There is so much support for women now, whether it’s in the workplace, schools, and more specifically, emotional support. Men have a given to succeed in work and school; it’s a born right. On the other hand, when it comes to emotional support, the statistics plummet. The stigma of masculinity is still represented by money and the ability to “take care of the household.” If times are tough, they don’t voice their stress and anxieties to their partner or friends. Men have a death-by-suicide rate at seven times higher than women. It makes me wonder if this rate would be different if men were offered the same sensitivities and support women are given.

Over the years, I’ve noticed most men still worry about getting massages or enjoying a mani/pedi because it will make them appear “delicate.” Male companions and friends have asked me to accompany them to certain workout classes or to keep their eyebrow waxing appointments a secret as not to be judged by our society. In a world like this, it makes it difficult for men to put down their guard and open up to their sensitive side (which we all know you have, we are humans, not robots). And sure, men emote differently than women, they don’t have the same hormones and genetic makeup women have, but it’s not to say men don’t feel anxiety and stress, or worry about how they look, all while not wanting to talk about any of it to keep the masculine status.

Our world needs to realize, we all have emotional battles, not just women. We must be kind, gentle, and sensitive to everyone. Whether you are a man or a woman reading this, ask your male friend if they would like to join for a spa day, or encourage a heart to heart. Boyfriend wants to try something taboo in bed? Make him feel comfortable and reassure him it’s a safe place to be himself. Many men are unhappy because they’re afraid to be judged and looked at as weak amongst their peers. We are equal beings, yet there are still so many ways neither side are treated fairly. Let’s change this together.

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