Get To Know Yourself (and others) Through Alone Time

How Loneliness Helped Me Find Genuine People

Genuine, sincere, and honest people are far and few between, however, they’re easier to come by once we master these qualities within ourselves. By unleashing genuineness, eventually, we will attract the same characteristics. The only time we can develop this true sincerity is through loneliness. Spending time alone is essential to first, discover our values, and second, what we would like to find in other people to complement our lifestyle. When I say spend time alone, I don’t mean filling that time with distractions like Instagram and Netflix. It’s sitting in silence and letting emotions surface, whatever they may be, without pushing them away. We emote and think about certain things for a reason; take the time to let it happen and discover “why.” We’ll get to know ourselves on a whole new level. Embrace the loneliness until someone comes along who is worth filling our precious time.

Finding a person who we can feel entirely at ease and comfort with is not an easy task. It takes time to build that relationship, and if the sincerity is one-sided, it’s time to move on. To earn respect, we need to give it (this includes respecting ourselves). Each life is a gift, and envy of another’s life is a quick way to tell the universe we’d like to be surrounded by envious and jealous people. Once we embrace the beauty and uniqueness within us, those with the same mentality will be around the corner, waiting to celebrate us for exactly who we are, and in return, we honor them. With this practice, I found my people; my never-judging, forever-loving, honest, and ultimately life-enhancing humans. It’s no coincidence we discovered each other; we belong together, we deserve one another.

They respect me because I respect myself. We need alone time to check in with ourselves, reflecting on how to make better and more conscious decisions. In return, we receive the best gift: another person’s time and attention. Soon, life doesn’t feel lonely anymore. It’s filled with joy within ourselves and those who surround us.


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